Friday, April 6, 2007

Knitted Scarfs and Neck Warmers

Hand knit scarfs in a variety of widths and lengths to accent and accessorize or dress up any outfit. They also just plain keep you warm. Unique hand knit neck warmers stay in place with a secret keyhole slot. Great for tucking under your coat on a cool fall or winter day. Have a special color or yarn in mind? E-mail us. We love to knit to special orders.

Beaded Book Charms

A charming collection of hand crafted beaded book charms to brighten the pages of any book or Bible. Personalized for hobbies, birthdays, graduations, weddings, new baby, teacher appreciation and just plain fun to have dangling from your book, Bible or calendar/planner. We also love to customize book charms for any favorite hobby or event, including the colors of your school or wedding. Book charms are enjoyed by guys too with dragons, fishing, handyman and sports charms! Your creativity is endless!!!