Friday, April 4, 2014

Bead Soup DelicaSEA!!!

     The 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party has begun and as a first year participant in 2014 I'm delighted that organizer Lori McDaniel Anderson partnered me for my 1st BSBP with the delightfully talented Carolyn Young Chenault of Sea Glass Inspired Beads & JewelryCarolyn and I started getting to know each other by e-mail, exchanging questions about our beading likes, favorites, styles, shapes and forms.  Carolyn enjoys stringing and metalwork and has her own studio where she makes beads, jewelry components and beaded metal links inspired by the sea.  She combines porcelain, glass (fused and lampwork) and metal (mostly silver). 
     Carolyn enjoys incorporating words and quotes into her designs.  Carolyn says it gives her such joy and makes her jewelry more personal and thoughtful to be able to customize a special piece with an inspiring heartfelt meaning.  She loves designing with blues, greens, teals and irridescents, shells, wood, pearls, abalone and natural pearls.  She enjoys asymmetrical designs, vintage findings, searching for mother of pearl buttons and incorporating leather and waxed cording into her one of a kind designs.  She even will drill holes in things she finds on the beach to enhance her designs or bezel set an inspired find. 
     Carolyn shared her wonderful talent by sending me the most amazing Bead Soup DelicaSEA!!! 
DelicaSEA received from Carolyn Young Chenault

It was secured in a unique round paper box lined with tissue paper and inlcuded a delighful handmade beach glass focal bead in turquoise teal with the inspiration "WISH" imprinted in it. 

In addition she shared natural sea shells, tubes, beach glass disks, sweet buttons, abalone dots, wooden gems, varied shapes, textures and irridescent goodies with a charming hand formed flattened copper wire clasp that links to a delicate companion heart layered over a dreamy rectangle slice of teal beach glass wire wrapped in copper. 

Carolyn has definately got my creative juices flowing.  I dream about the wonderful ways I'll be able to design a unique piece I'll enjoy wearing, cherishing this new Bead Friendship formed by a sweet, thoughtful package that arrived in the mail. 

Thank you for enjoying my 1st Bead Soup DelicaSEA, specially selected by Carolyn Young Chenault for me to sink my creativity into by Reveal Day May 10, 2014.

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